January 29, 2014

it's o-fish-al

Even with all the joys of adoption and the peace and happiness in my life,
and even though I wouldn't change my life and how my family grows through adoption,
I still think a part of me will always yearn a bit for the "normals" that other mothers around me experience--maternity clothes, swapping pregnancy/birthing stories, blessing my baby at church, a baby shower, etc.

Well, a sweet, thoughtful friend gave me one of those "normals" and threw me an adoption shower. 
"It's O-fish-al!"
How cute is that.

Love all these wonderful ladies!
Andrea said...

how fun, sweet, thoughtful, and special!!

Im so glad you got to have a "normal" part of the process. you definitely deserve it!!

I love that you are now an official ;) family of 6! Thats amazing!!!