January 21, 2014

four kids, four dates

We had dinner plans with some friends on Saturday, but when their kids got sick our family's evening opened up. So we declared it the day of dates.

First date: Dad, Mom, and Layla shopping at Costco
We each told her three things we love about her. She held our hands walking into the store. She "helped"us shop. And when we got home, she yelled and cried and shouted for "more date".

Second date: Dad, Mom, and Perry shopping at the grocery store
He reached for both of our hands as we walked through the parking lot. He was thrilled to ride in the car cart. We told him three things we love about him. He got the milk we desperately needed at home.

Third date: Mom and Kyler out to dinner
We walked to Applebee's together to use his dessert coupon. We talked about school and other things. We played tic-tac-toe. He generously shared his dessert with me. I told him how much I love him.

Fourth date: Dad and Kacin dinner and ice cream
They ate at central market. I'm guessing they talked with each other. :) Kacin treated his dad to ice cream (a birthday present to E). Kacin ate the bubblegum ice cream. He was happy.

We love spending one-on-one time with our kids, even if it is while we are grocery shopping. I hope they like it, too. They are each such different people and it's fun having special time with each of them.