January 5, 2014

Family of Six

Presenting . . .

Layla Belle Allred


Perry Damian Allred

They are mine so I can use their names on my blog now!

It was such a beautiful experience taking our family to the courthouse to make it legal. But I can't wait to head to the temple in just a few weeks!

We were supposed to arrive at the courthouse by 10:30am for our 10:45am adoption. We were doing so good and arrived just after 10am at the courthouse we have had every other court hearing at. We took our time unloading and getting into the courthouse. Once we got through security I figured I'd better check which room we'd be in. The receptionists were so confused and searched and couldn't find anything about our scheduled adoption. One lady finally took me back to a clerk and she looked us up and informed us that the adoption was to be held at the Superior court, not this one. What?? All of my nightmares came true! She wrote down the address for us and we rushed out of there as fast as we could. It was now 10:30 (remember that's the time we were supposed to be there). And of course every light was red and every pedestrian was walking through the crosswalk. We arrived at 10:45, found a parking spot right across the street, and hurried up to the courthouse as quickly as our crew could go. Luckily, they were running a little behind and we made it just as the adoption scheduled before us got out. They cleared out of the room and we had a 30 sec chat with our attorney and we went in.

We thought we had an idea of what to expect since we've done this before with Kyler and Kacin, but everything was done so differently from how we did it in Utah.

They swore us in.

Our attorney asked us a few questions, including what snack Layla was eating and what Perry was upset about (trying to take off my necklace).

 The judge asked us a few simple questions and pronounced us a family.

They invited us all up to stand by the judge and try out her gavel. Perry swung it around a little and tapped it. Kacin wound up his arm and gave a huge whack. I didn't even know what to think about that (well, I knew I wasn't so happy he did it, but I wasn't expecting anything like that so I didn't know how to react). Kyler must have thought Kacin had a pretty good idea and before we could stop him he brought that gavel down so hard a piece of it chipped off and flew across her desk. Seriously yikes. Layla was much more gentle about it then her brothers.

We are officialy a family of six!!!

Our adoption was followed by the adoption of Layla and Perry's bio sister into a wonderful family.

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Stefanie Hyer said...

Such a beautiful family of six!!

The Kovar Family said...

So happy for all of you. :)

Suzanne said...

Huge congratulations to all six of you!