December 2, 2013

Kyler's 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to you, Kyler!

Ten Things I Love About Kyler
(in no particular order)
1. Ky is a wonderful big brother. He jumped right in to taking care of L and D and loving them with all his heart. Often without even being asked he helps out. He loves to snuggle with them both.
2. Ky is a wonderful brother and friend to Kacin. He loves Kacin and they, generally, get along well and spend most of their time doing things together.
3. I love Ky's smile and hugs! 
4. Kyler notices people who need help or need a friend.
5. Kyler is not a follower. He is comfortable doing his own thing or standing up for what's right or leading people in his own games.
6. He loves books! Not a day goes by without him spending time reading.
7. He has a great attitude.
8. He goes on walks with me.
9. He has stuck with piano and tries hard to develop this talent.
10. He has a testimony of the gospel and wants to share what he knows with others around him.

To celebrate his day, L and I met him at school for lunch. We brought him two donuts (a long one and a circle one) to form the number 10.

That night we took him to get gelato and he opened his family gifts.

A few days earlier, he had a friend party at our house. They ate food, made team t-shirts and had X-box One competitions. I like simple parties.

Um, it's supposed to be the X-box symbol, you know like the "on" button.

L was having fun with all those boys around.

Balloon wars. I hate balloons. Boys go crazy with them.

 Welcome to the world of double digits, Ky! We love you!