December 29, 2013

Eric is Older

Our primary class knew it was Eric's birthday yesterday so they started guessing how old he was. I think it's funny to hear both their guesses (42, 100, 36) and their reactions to such an "old" age of 32. I remember when 30 sounded ancient too. Little did I know then, but it's actually quite young.

Eric wasn't feeling well all day on his birthday :(. It probably didn't help that he spent all afternoon shopping with the boys. He went to get himself some new shoes and agreed to let them use some gift card/birthday money they had. Three hours and five texts (about how painful it is to take two kids shopping who want everything and can't decide on anything) later, they came home.

We celebrated with pumpkin pie. It's becoming tradition to do some pie smashing or whipped cream spraying. D was not about to let himself miss out on the fun.

Eric and I got to go out together for dinner to celebrate.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in all the world!