December 24, 2013


While I've been finishing up on the wrapping of presents and stuff,
the kids have been busy creating today.

This week, we have discovered that L loves building with Legos. And we could possibly even argue that she has a longer attention span working with those things than her two older brothers. But now all four kids happily build with Legos together.

As a side note, did you notice L's cute shorts over her pants. I love a 2 year olds style. Even when we were out doing a final stop at the store this morning.

(Pointing out some toys she saw in the window.
The next thing she pointed out was a life-size of CeeLo Green which she called "Daddy")

Look at the cute hat Kacin made.

He taught Ky how to do it, and Ky decided to enlarge it and make a wearable version.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Wow! That hat is AWESOME! I love L's fashion! That's hilarious about Ceelo as daddy! Legos are great!