November 24, 2013

These Days

During my all day foster care training yesterday, I made a list of 200 things I am grateful for. I was surprised how easy getting to 200 was. And I know I could've gone on with all the big and little things that fill my life with peace, joy, fun, and convenience. Now if only I could be content with the 200 plus wonderful things that surround and bless me, and stop daydreaming about new floors . . .

In other news, L asked me to paint her nails. Don't tell my dad (he doesn't condone such things). I was happy to do something girlie around here for a change. I get nail polish--I don't always get Star Wars, football, Minecraft, or Legos though.

All on her own, L set up the table tonight for a meal for her and her babies.

Do you know how much D is talking now? It is a lot. Well, a lot more than he was. Maybe that's what I should do during my next foster care class--make a list of D's words. He can put two words together and even said Kyler and Kacin's names the other day. Hot dog! Speaking of, he has been singing that Mickey Mouse club house song this week--"hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog . . ."

Kacin has spent a lot of time playing with his little siblings this week. Like, he discovered he can chase them around the house and everyone will laugh and scream, and if he takes D's keys then D will do the chasing, too. Sweet. Loud. Very loud. But sweet family fun.

Kacin also got his Wolf in Cub Scouts. Yay!

I have one boy in my house who is beyond, beyond excited to be turning double digits tomorrow. Really, Kyler will be the big 10. And he won't let any of us forget the fact that tomorrow is his day. We have talked and talked about what we will eat tomorrow, what we will do and "Mom, tell me again how you want me to stay little." and "Take a picture of me and say it is my last moments being 9". I'm excited for Kyler's birthday, too. He is a great kid. And for some reason in my head I've been thinking he's been 10 for awhile now so it'll be good to know that he is actually 10 and I am not just making it up . . .

Oh, and Kyler got his Religious knot in Cub Scouts. Yay!