November 14, 2013

Random Things

D is currently occupied eating burnt waffles that were left on the kitchen counter to give to the chickens today. So I'll take this opportunity to document a few random things from the past month.

Kacin's class performed a song for the Veteran's Day assembly. He really wanted Eric and I to come so we postponed our anniversary trip by a couple of hours to make it to the assembly. Totally worth it and wonderful to see a happy, proud Kacin smiling at us. I adore this boy.

L sneaking Halloween candy from the basket on the counter. It looks like too much sugar for you, little one. 

Kacin's seed project.

Kyler's work hanging up on the wall at school.

Kacin went with the cub scouts on a field trip to the fire station.

Sharing a snack while we were on a walk while Kyler was at piano lessons.

D has lost interest in burnt waffles so now I am off to play playdo. Happy Thursday afternoon!