November 30, 2013

how grateful we are

On this the last day of November
we are finally
passing around the camera
as is family tradition
to capture 5 things we are grateful for this year.
I always think it's hard to narrow it down to just 5
because we are so blessed around here,
but I guess we just pick the first 5 that comes to mind
or that the camera lands on.
This year it was Kacin
who took the camera around
to take pictures for L and D.
He did a pretty good job
photographing the essentials
that make up their lives.

L is thankful for . . .

her kitchen and toys

especially her babies

the rocking horse

her pink blanket

and her boots

D is thankful for . . .

his toy cars

his bikes and "cars" to ride through the house


keys, keys, keys

Daddy's car, well, all cars

Kacin is thankful for . . .

TV that I can watch

my brother Kyler to play with

Minecraft to play

Mommy and daddy--daddy because he plays with me and mommy because she likes to cuddle with me

(love this face Eric :) )

D because I can play chase with him

L because she laughs really funny with me

Kyler is thankful for . . .

books to read

mom and dad because they read to us

Kacin because he is my brother

TV because I can watch and play video games

Minecraft because it's a video game I can play

and my whole family because they are good to me

Laura is thankful for . . .

Eric making waffles for breakfast almost every Saturday morning

eggs from our chickens, even though I personally don't like eating eggs, I like that our chickens help us to be a little self-sufficient. And their eggs are just so pretty.

contacts and glasses so I can see the world around me clearly

a calendar to keep track of our families activities, and I am grateful that we can participate and be a part of so many great things

my family, that we can spend time together and grow together and that we have healthy bodies

Eric is thankful for . . .

the Smoker and all the yummy food I cook in it

graham crackers and milk. delicious.

(diet) Mtn Dew because it gives me less heartburn than Dr. Pepper

Tums, because of my love of Mtn Dew

family because I love them

Other pictures Kacin took this morning . . .