October 30, 2013

Potty Talk

Disclosure: do not read ahead if you are not comfortable with the "P" words

I had no intention of potty training either of my littles right now. I still have no intention, but I guess they think otherwise.

I am scared of potty training. I've never done it before. And I'm especially nervous about D because I know it will be a long while before he is consistent and has it down.

D went potty once in August then not again until our trip to Idaho in which he started telling us he had to go and then actually went in the potty. He now says "gottagopotty" often. Either that or "gopoopoo".  Except he doesn't really go poo poo in the potty yet. But that's the word he has picked up on.

Since D is more interested in the potty, L is interested. Which means some days I spend a lot of time in those there bathrooms. No one is consistent yet. Like I said, I'm not ready. Can we wait a few more months please?

L went through a little stage of teasing. She would smile and say "Daddy poopy". laughter. "Kacin poopy". laughter. "Papa poopy." laughter. "Jesus poopy." (yeah, L, you probably shouldn't have said that one.)

L peed on the floor two nights ago right after bath and before we got her diaper on. "Uh oh, potty" she said and squatted down right there on the carpet and went. So then last night, after bath and before that diaper, she looked right at me with a big mischievous smile and squatted a little and said "potty" and then started laughing and laughing. The little tease didn't go,but she tried her joke a few more times and smiled and laughed.

We were at the store one evening, so L picked out Minnie Mouse underwear. And insisted on carrying it around for the rest of the evening. Kyler was especially embarrassed about this when she clutched her Minnie undies while we ate our dinner at 5 Guys. Then, in the car, he convinced her to put her underwear on her head.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha so cute that she carried the underwear around! Potty training is VERY scary... that is normal. I personally think it is not so much about the kids being ready as it is that the parent must be ready to be patient and clean up messes and NOT get upset when it happens! If there is an accident just say Uh oh then take them to the toilet to sit on it then say that's okay let's try and go in the toilet next time, Pee pee and poo poo goes IN the toilet! Then give them a high five and say Good job for trying! Then have them flush and tell them to wave at the water and say bye bye to it... that makes it less scary for them to poop in it. As far as making it easier on you... start a scheduele... start with putting them on the toilet every time before they get a bath. Then when you are ready add right when they wake up in the morning. Then add right before they go to bed. Make it a routine. Eventually add times between that... and when YOU are ready to really make it happen...ask them every 1/2 hour if they need to go potty, then TELL THEM its time to go potty EVERY hour on the hour. Even if they do not need to go, make them sit on the toilet and show them how to do it all again. This will only be bad like this for about a week. Then gradually you only need to ask them every hour. Then every 2 and so on.