October 16, 2013


The half way point between where we live and where my parents live is Boise, ID. We decided to meet there for the weekend and then my mom would jump ship from my dad's car and come back home with us for awhile. It was a whirlwind of a weekend in which we spent a lot of time in the car, but had plenty of fun exploring Boise and swimming in the hotel pool.

Kids in the car for 9 hours is never going to be a day at the beach, but since my trip to Texas in which I discovered how dramamine can change my traveling life, I was actually headache and nausea free (good riddance car sickness!) and much more able to pass back snacks and find blankets that dropped into the abyss of the car floor. This made the trip doable on my end.

We broke down and bought a DVD player. We weren't ever going to buy one, but just like all those other things I thought I'd never do but have done this year (like frequent trips to mcdonalds), we did. We hoped maybe it would help with D. But D just wanted to kick the screen and pull the cords out. We did a bit of seat swapping and finally found an arrangement that would work. It brought peace to the car for a short while, but I don't think the DVD player was worth it.

It was a sweet picture seeing this in the car. Happily holding hands as we drove along.

We went to the park by the river and took a stroll through the rose garden and performed on the stage. Maybe the performances were given only because of a bribe for a treat later that day . . .

We were sent to the old prison.

Found a frog . . .

The girls looked around at the gem and mineral museum.

We walked the grounds of the Boise temple. We loved the stained glass window of the temple, but you can't even see it in our selfie.

L loves Papa.

D loves conference when it's coupled with cupcakes.

On the way home we made a stop at Snoqualmie Falls.