October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster, Harry Potter, and Gandolf all had a great time trick or treating this year.

We got plenty of treats and D even played his own little trick and scared a lady half to death. About 4 houses in he got ahead of us and was up at the doorstep before anyone else. So he just opened the door ad walked right in to the house and reached for the candy bowl. He definitely startled the sweet homeowner. From then on, he held someone's hand.

Kacin ran from house to house. You know, somehow his basket is always filled a bit more than everyone else's.

One house left a bowl of candy out for trick or treaters. While D tried to grab a handful, little L took everything out of her own basket and placed it into the candy bowl.

Kyler's hair and whiskers bugged him all night. I figured that would happen. He says long hair is not his thing.

How sweet is this--the kids all helping D calm down and get his costume on.

Phone pictures of the friends we went trick or treating with this year

Happy Halloween!!!