October 26, 2013

Halloween Preview

Four kids, four halloween costumes.
Any guesses on who will be out and about on Halloween?

We had a fun time at the ward trunk or treat tonight. Our littlest two actually caught on this year and did super great at trick or treating. Everyone was happy. Then we came home and Eric and I played a little game with the boys. They had spread out and sorted their candy. The rules were that Eric would call out a candy that was on the line. We would ask a trivia question (from the Disney trivia board game). If you got it right, you kept the candy in your safe basket. If you got it wrong, the question went to dad. If he got it right, the parents keep the candy. If he answers incorrectly, the candy remains where it is. I was actually quite surprised we got as far into the game as we did before the mutiny. You see, the boys didn't really like this game after all. Eric was even accused of cheating. In the end, the boys still each had a big pile of sugar to hold them over until Halloween, Eric had a little stash, and we have a big pile set aside to use for a service project or something yet to be decided (ok, ok, and I set aside a few butterfingers for me as well). The boys have requested that we do not play this game again on Halloween.