October 25, 2013

D's Crazy Socks

It has happened that
every day
is crazy sock day
around here.
I have everything against me in matching his socks
because D takes them off and throws them around in the car
or he hides them amongst his toys.
Try as I may,
there are many a day he goes off to school with two different socks on.
I think I need to invest in all white socks. All of them.

The other day, when it was time to go to school,
I told D the bus was here.
I was happily surprised when
he said ok and went over to L,
gave her a hug and kiss
and said bye.
So sweet that he initiated this farewell with his sister.

D calls all kids "baby".
He calls dolls "baby", too.
When we were playing at the park,
there was a little girl there carrying around her doll.
D passed her, pointed at her, and said "baby".
The girl protested, "I am not a baby."
D stared at her and again pointed and said "baby".
The girl insisted again, "I am NOT a baby."
D was a little bewildered and sat down and again pointed and labeled "baby".
She was getting quite angry and so again yelled "I am not a baby!!"
I don't know why,
I must be mean,
but I was observing and trying really hard not to laugh at the whole thing.
But at this point I stepped in and reassured the girl that she is not a baby,
and that he was probably referring to her doll
and that he is still learning words.
She marched off.

D is quite independent.
He gets out the coloring books and markers whenever he wants them.
When he wants the play dough, he pulls it off the shelf and brings it to the table.
He gets the juice and milk out of the fridge and pours himself, and the kitchen floor, a big drink.
AnneMarie said...

Definitely buy just white socks! Buy 2 large packs of Hanes, Store brand, Nike, whatever--just make sure they are all the same :)

Stefanie Hyer said...

HOW DO YOU DO THAT??... let him get the play dough out whenever he wants!? Do you sweep up after him all day? YOu are amazing!