October 2, 2013

Beautiful Sky

Kyler is earning money to help pay for a class he wants to take so he asked to do an extra job last night after dinner. I sent him outside to sweep off the front porch and walkway. He came rushing back into the house just a few minutes later beckoning me to come outside and look at the sky. He said it was amazing and that we needed to take a picture of it.
He was right
the pink clouds and beautiful light from the setting sun was such a lovely view.

My heart was so happy that my little guy stopped to appreciate the beauty of this world.
It was a great reminder to me to slow down during these busy days and notice the pieces of beauty all around me.

What were my other three children doing while Ky and I were having this moment outside? From where we were in the driveway we could hear them from where they were sitting at the kitchen table . . . having a screaming contest. They were all smiles trying to see who could be the loudest. It was definitely a tie.