October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster, Harry Potter, and Gandolf all had a great time trick or treating this year.

We got plenty of treats and D even played his own little trick and scared a lady half to death. About 4 houses in he got ahead of us and was up at the doorstep before anyone else. So he just opened the door ad walked right in to the house and reached for the candy bowl. He definitely startled the sweet homeowner. From then on, he held someone's hand.

Kacin ran from house to house. You know, somehow his basket is always filled a bit more than everyone else's.

One house left a bowl of candy out for trick or treaters. While D tried to grab a handful, little L took everything out of her own basket and placed it into the candy bowl.

Kyler's hair and whiskers bugged him all night. I figured that would happen. He says long hair is not his thing.

How sweet is this--the kids all helping D calm down and get his costume on.

Phone pictures of the friends we went trick or treating with this year

Happy Halloween!!!

October 30, 2013

Potty Talk

Disclosure: do not read ahead if you are not comfortable with the "P" words

I had no intention of potty training either of my littles right now. I still have no intention, but I guess they think otherwise.

I am scared of potty training. I've never done it before. And I'm especially nervous about D because I know it will be a long while before he is consistent and has it down.

D went potty once in August then not again until our trip to Idaho in which he started telling us he had to go and then actually went in the potty. He now says "gottagopotty" often. Either that or "gopoopoo".  Except he doesn't really go poo poo in the potty yet. But that's the word he has picked up on.

Since D is more interested in the potty, L is interested. Which means some days I spend a lot of time in those there bathrooms. No one is consistent yet. Like I said, I'm not ready. Can we wait a few more months please?

L went through a little stage of teasing. She would smile and say "Daddy poopy". laughter. "Kacin poopy". laughter. "Papa poopy." laughter. "Jesus poopy." (yeah, L, you probably shouldn't have said that one.)

L peed on the floor two nights ago right after bath and before we got her diaper on. "Uh oh, potty" she said and squatted down right there on the carpet and went. So then last night, after bath and before that diaper, she looked right at me with a big mischievous smile and squatted a little and said "potty" and then started laughing and laughing. The little tease didn't go,but she tried her joke a few more times and smiled and laughed.

We were at the store one evening, so L picked out Minnie Mouse underwear. And insisted on carrying it around for the rest of the evening. Kyler was especially embarrassed about this when she clutched her Minnie undies while we ate our dinner at 5 Guys. Then, in the car, he convinced her to put her underwear on her head.

October 26, 2013

Halloween Preview

Four kids, four halloween costumes.
Any guesses on who will be out and about on Halloween?

We had a fun time at the ward trunk or treat tonight. Our littlest two actually caught on this year and did super great at trick or treating. Everyone was happy. Then we came home and Eric and I played a little game with the boys. They had spread out and sorted their candy. The rules were that Eric would call out a candy that was on the line. We would ask a trivia question (from the Disney trivia board game). If you got it right, you kept the candy in your safe basket. If you got it wrong, the question went to dad. If he got it right, the parents keep the candy. If he answers incorrectly, the candy remains where it is. I was actually quite surprised we got as far into the game as we did before the mutiny. You see, the boys didn't really like this game after all. Eric was even accused of cheating. In the end, the boys still each had a big pile of sugar to hold them over until Halloween, Eric had a little stash, and we have a big pile set aside to use for a service project or something yet to be decided (ok, ok, and I set aside a few butterfingers for me as well). The boys have requested that we do not play this game again on Halloween.

October 25, 2013

D's Crazy Socks

It has happened that
every day
is crazy sock day
around here.
I have everything against me in matching his socks
because D takes them off and throws them around in the car
or he hides them amongst his toys.
Try as I may,
there are many a day he goes off to school with two different socks on.
I think I need to invest in all white socks. All of them.

The other day, when it was time to go to school,
I told D the bus was here.
I was happily surprised when
he said ok and went over to L,
gave her a hug and kiss
and said bye.
So sweet that he initiated this farewell with his sister.

D calls all kids "baby".
He calls dolls "baby", too.
When we were playing at the park,
there was a little girl there carrying around her doll.
D passed her, pointed at her, and said "baby".
The girl protested, "I am not a baby."
D stared at her and again pointed and said "baby".
The girl insisted again, "I am NOT a baby."
D was a little bewildered and sat down and again pointed and labeled "baby".
She was getting quite angry and so again yelled "I am not a baby!!"
I don't know why,
I must be mean,
but I was observing and trying really hard not to laugh at the whole thing.
But at this point I stepped in and reassured the girl that she is not a baby,
and that he was probably referring to her doll
and that he is still learning words.
She marched off.

D is quite independent.
He gets out the coloring books and markers whenever he wants them.
When he wants the play dough, he pulls it off the shelf and brings it to the table.
He gets the juice and milk out of the fridge and pours himself, and the kitchen floor, a big drink.

October 23, 2013

Grandma Time

We feel blessed that grandma was able to spend some time here. She watched plenty of soccer, played with lots of baby dolls, took most of us on individual dates (eric missed out on this one), babysat, cleaned a bathtub/toys after someone pooped there, sang lots of songs, helped get halloween costumes, and even filled out some school papers. After two weeks, I think she may have been ready to move on to a quieter house and to a place in which she did not have to share a room with stinky boys. :) But we were glad she was here with us!

Just a few pictures from a short visit to the beach and the park while she was here and from our mini-Halloween celebration to make the traditional homemade rootbeer and popcorn balls.  

October 21, 2013

Date Night: Corn Maze

Usually, date night around here means running errands or doing our costco shopping.
Exciting right?
However, this time, we expanded our horizons and were off to dinner and a corn maze. 

 Two hours in a corn maze and we succeeded in two things. 1) plenty of eerie pictures 2) teaching the guys they should listen to the girls because we are always right

October 18, 2013

Cookie Monster

October 17, 2013


Our visit to the farm made it official--it's Fall!

Hay ride. . .

Corn maze and mud . . .

Pumpkin patch . . .

Our attempt at a family picture once again . . .

And then D  was done with it all and pushed the cart over . . .