September 24, 2013

Weekend in Texas

I told him he had an eye Dr. appointment in Seattle
and that's why I was checking him out of school early on a Thursday.
He was oblivious to the fact that his suitcase was packed and loaded in the back of the van,
that our boarding passes were printed, and that we drove right on past Seattle and on to the airport.

It wasn't until we stopped at the airport doors that he realized something was up. His first guess was that we were picking Grandma up from the airport, but when we told him he and I were leaving on a weekend trip to Texas he was all smiles. Well, as smiley and excited as mellow Kyler gets.

We said goodbye to dad, D, and L (Kacin had snuck a hug from Kyler in the morning without Kyler knowing why) and we were off for some fun with the Hyer family!

It was our first time seeing baby Rylie in person. Loved holding this adorable niece of mine!

I can't believe how big Preston and Bryce have gotten. Now these are two sweet boys.

The Hyer family showed us a good time. Not only did we get plenty of hugs, compliments, songs, and good food and company, we also went to the airplane simulators, the boys went fishing, we had a day at 6 Flags Over Texas, and more.

The whole time we were gone I missed my three other kids and my Eric, but it was also a much needed and enjoyed trip to relax after the most stressful year of my life. I am so glad that I was able to go with Kyler and get some one on one time with this wonderful boy. We dubbed this trip his early 10th birthday present. We decided it can now be a family tradition to take a trip with a parent when you turn 10. Kacin is glad he only has to wait a year. Well, actually he says a year is too long to wait, but I'm sure that he means he is glad it is only a year. Sure of it.

Thanks again, Hyer family!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Yay! The pics made me smile! I am again SOOOOOOO happy that you guys could come! And that I could get to know your sweet Kyler a little bit more! We LOVED it! Come ANYTIME! ;) So I get to see Kacin next year then? ;)
Hopefully I will make a similar trip in the Winter!!? Love you guys!