September 30, 2013

Rainy Sunday

Yesterday we learned that we are short on umbrellas for our family. We have 4 umbrellas. Who would've thought that I'd ever have 4! And that 4 wouldn't be enough.

When we went on a family walk in the rain, everyone insisted on carrying their own umbrella. And even if some of us would be ok with sharing, it is impossible because L holds hers upside down, D is too short for  anyone else to seek shelter below his, one umbrella is broken with wires sticking out and could be deemed a safety hazard if you are not the one carrying it, some of us walk too fast or too slow or don't like to touch or can't share with someone else who has stinky breath, so for goodness sake just give us each our own umbrella shelter from the cold rain!

Yeah, our walk didn't last too long. Down to the corner and back. Enough time for little legs to run and stretch and for the rain to fall harder and the wind to blow stronger so we got good and cold. Cold enough to ditch the rain boots, umbrellas and coats by the front door and run to the couch to cuddle up under 5 blankets (thank goodness we have enough of those to each have our own!). Eric sat across from us and began to read aloud The Hobbit to us until it was too loud in the room for anyone to hear what he was saying.

Besides taking those family walks, another great activity for rainy Sunday afternoons is baking. My sweet boys made thank you cupcakes for a cub scout leader who was just released.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha it looks like Kacin ATE it all! ;)