September 12, 2013

Life, with Hammocks

My world could handle more afternoons like this:

It only took us 9 years to actually use the hammocks E and I bought together in Brazil. We designated a corner of our back yard to hang three of our hammocks for use to bask in the sunshine and gaze at the stars.

Do you think E will be pleased about this picture? It surely depicts some excellent basking and gazing. Was he a model in another life?

Oh, and it only took us 1 year to finish the third Harry Potter book. That is better than 9 years. We did some serious reading in these hammocks in order to finish.

Sometimes I think I like posting unflattering pictures just how they are. Because an imperfect life is my life and that makes it a perfect life.

Stefanie Hyer said...

I love the pic of E! Either it was the photographer or the model or both, but definitly could be an AD for something!

I want hammocks up! But where? How?

I love that you put the imperfect picture up! :) It made me smile!