September 5, 2013

First Day

These three boys were so excited for their first day of school. 
If only every day could be like this where everyone is up, chores done, and ready to go nice and early . . .

Kyler--4th Grade

Kacin--3rd Grade


 I don't know if he had any idea what was actually going on--mom waking him up early, quickly feeding him pancakes, placing a backpack on his back, and saying the words bus and school again and again--but he was so happy and smiley. I like to think he was looking forward to preschool.

D was determined to follow the boys down to their bus stop.

We took a peek at the waiting kids and parents and then much to D's despair I made him go back to our house where the bus would pick him up.

He was excited, then hesitant, but once I walked on the bus with him he was just fine.

Kacin requested that I meet them down at the school. I survived the parking nightmare and eventually found the boys waiting in their lines. So they got one more hug from me.

Glad it worked out that Ky's best friend is in his class again this year.

I got home and the house was so quiet. Well, except for my L every few minutes asking "where's Lyla? (Kyler) "where's Asa? (kacin) "Where's Day-day?" (D). But I think she enjoyed our one on one time in which she got to tell me where to sit and ask me to make play dough balls and help dress the babies.

I couldn't stomach my little D riding the bus both ways on the first day. He would have been fine, but I was nervous and needed some reassurance from the teachers that he did ok. And he was great!

When Ky and Kacin came home it was the happiest first day yet. They had great days! Kyler was so relieved that his teacher was so nice, and even had Legos. He said she is the best teacher he has ever had and he can't imagine her ever being mean like some of his previous teachers were. Kacin looped up with his teacher so he knew what to expect and who would be in his class and he was happy. They devoured m&m cookie bars and gave me details from their days. And I was happy there was so much happiness from the first day of school.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Laura, you need to add an option for people to receive e-mails when you update your blog! I NEVER look on here and every time I do, it takes me hours to read it all! haha! I am so glad that you did not pass any nervous feelings on to your kids and that they did not take after their mother and throw up and get very sick every first day of school! ;) Miss you guys! Love you all!