September 3, 2013

Before School Starts

Summer vacation comes to an end today. Kyler and Kacin have their clothes set out and their backpacks ready to go. We have met teachers. We are ready for the school year to begin, but so sad for the summer to be over. We tried to cram as much fun into the last week as possible.

I took each of the boys out individually to buy a few items that they needed before school. We had such fun together on these back to school dates. We got to talk (I heard some rather interesting stories from Ky)  and laugh (about things like the Kacin and the m&ms incident) and they had my undivided attention as they tried on shoes and debated which lunchbox to buy.

We went back to school for a night and to preschool for a morning to meet teachers and visit classrooms.

We played outside with the hose in the warm summer sun.

And our last big hurrah was a weekend of camping at Cascade park with good weather, good campsite, good company, and good fun in the river and on the slip n slide.

And so this is when we say goodbye to one fabulous summer and welcome in a new school year! It's back to routines and busy schedules starting tomorrow. Let's just hope we can all remember how to go to bed at a decent hour . . .
Stefanie Hyer said...

#1 - Please don't tell me that Eric made that Slide thing (minus the slide of course) in your backyard? I want that exact same one! If so, please have Eric make me one!

2 - I get inspired when I read your blog, and enjoy all you say and talk about as well as your pictures! I definitly think now that I need to take more pictures.. about our life. Don't you get it printed each year? through who?

3 - Where did you get that slip n slide? and where was that? at the campsite? AMAZING! ANd I want one in my backyard! :)