August 24, 2013

Wild Waves

I dreamed of this all summer--
a day of water slides, floating in a lazy river,
a wave pool, roller coasters, and more. . .
I guess I wanted to relive my summers
in high school when I worked at
a water park in AZ. . .
I was very excited
to go with my family to
Wild Waves. :)
And excited that Eric's work gets us a discount so we could actually go.
My phone was tucked safely away most of the day
to avoid getting soaked,
but I captured a few moments from our first few rides.

With Makenna and Janaya . . .

I am so glad that all of my children love water and love rides
and that Eric is impartial to roller coasters and many rides
so I got to be the one to accompany the bigger kids    
when the littles weren't tall enough.

It still cracks me up when L rides a roller coaster.
She spends the first few minutes yelling she wants dadda,
but by the end she is happily squealing and asking for more.

It is difficult getting D off of each ride. He does not like to leave.

We convinced Kacin to ride something called the Timber Axe
that turned you upside down and around with feet dangling.
He shut his eyes tight,
but I was proud of him when he opened them by the end.
That became one of the favorite rides--
always face your fears
we said!

Kyler has no fear and loves every thrill ride out there.
It was a great day,
and if it wasn't so far away
I would love to go again before school starts
and the rains come.