August 12, 2013

Misfortune Wished Upon

What is this? School starts in less than a month?? I'm not ready for the summer to end! Back in May, I was so nervous to have all 4 of my kids home for the summer and didn't know how I would survive and give everyone what they need without having my own little nervous breakdown. Now I'm dreading that all too soon day when three of them go off to school. Will they still find time to play horse together and give piggy back rides when school and homework begin? And how I will miss eating lunches together! And all of the impromptu trips to the park. I really do like my kids more than they drive me crazy, so curse the people who made summer vacation so short.

And, while I am at it, curse the man who designed my refrigerator without a lock on the water dispenser. Both 2-year-olds can now reach it and think it is the funnest thing to fill a cup to overflowing. Oh they try drinking it too, but for every mouthful of water they swallow, three mouthfuls dribble to the floor.

The longer I sit here the more things I think I want to curse. Like my washing machine. Last Monday, I hit my head on it and lost a half of day of productivity icing my swollen cranium and wishing the dizziness and nausea to go away. And here it is a week later, still sore and slightly swollen. Eric says I'm not going to die, the hypochondriac in me thinks otherwise. Either way, curse that washing machine for all the trouble it has caused my head.
Stefanie Hyer said...

My goodness you are good with words and writing! Love it! Sorry you had the curses! I hope you survive! My kids like to turn on the bathroom sink and plug it and overflow it. And sometimes lock me out of the bathroom too... Preston did that yesterday. He also broke it by pushing it up and down to plug the sink, and now our sink is leaking and we have to get it fixed ASAP because we have special visitors ;)