August 5, 2013


We three

had a brilliant idea to take our families off on a weekend adventure.

Mostly because they finally opened up one of these in the state of Washington.
(We might have eaten there twice in a matter of 48 hours.)

But also to enjoy the cute little Bavarian town of Leavenworth.

Dzana, Christy, my two older boys, and I went to see the Sound of Music at the outdoor theater.
And had a marvelous time.

We stayed in a nice chalet that comfortably slept all three of our families and gave us ample room to play, all while enjoying a beautiful view.

 This little one was flashing her smile all weekend.

This is the trip in which D perfected that high pitch scream. When he wasn't screaming, he was found playing on these stairs that led down to our families floor of the house and opening and closing all the doors down there.

We ate waffles and wandered the streets, stopping to browse in such intriguing shops like Kris Kringl, the Christmas Store.

We love the Kovar's and the Calton's and hope this becomes an annual tradition!