August 13, 2013

Cleaning Surprise, Eye Patch, and Shaved Ice

What has come over my kids today?

Before I left my room this morning I prayed so hard for patience and to stay calm with my kids. Lately, my older boys have been non-stop arguing and speaking unkindly to each other and I knew I couldn't handle another day like yesterday.

I walked downstairs and there were my boys cheerfully picking up all the toys and putting them away then without a word they moved on to cleaning up the kitchen and telling me if I needed anything cleaned today that they will do it because I do so much hard work by taking care of all the kids, especially D (according to Kacin). And I was in shock and so happy and grateful and wanted to cry because these boys were so kind and thoughtful. I hugged them and loved on them and we worked together to do the dishes before the little ones woke up. What a great way to start the day! And you know what, it was three whole hours later before the fighting started again, and I could totally handle it after that beautiful start to the morning.

And then, this very afternoon, D asked to "help eye". He wanted his patch on!!?? He has never kept that thing on longer than 45 min. and that's when we pull out every trick in the book. But here he was asking for it and then happily wearing it long after the candy was gone while we played. Ok, whatever weirdness that is, I will take it.

And I end with more pictures from my phone on a nice day when we enjoyed shaved ice at the local farmer's market. Look at the size of those yummy things! Perfect for these summer days.