August 26, 2013

3 D!

He turned 3!

Poor D was sick the day before his birthday. On the day of his birthday,
he still had a low fever and was a bit sluggish all morning so we minimized all of our plans, but still tried to make the day all about D.  

One of the first things we did was drive to the gym in search of D's favorite keys. They had been missing for about a week and after searching at home, we realized we had gone to the gym around the time the keys went missing. What do you know, there they were in lost and found. He was so excited to see them again. Well, we were all glad he had his keys back. Keys make for a calmer D.

Our next stop was to pick out a birthday balloon.

Kyler and Kacin were so great to their little brother all day. They tried extra hard to spend time with him and help him all they could.


Time for the birthday cake. By this time, D was feeling much better.

Forget the fork . . .


It's hard when it's not your birthday, but you want to open all the presents yourself . . .

Happy birthday, our D!
We love you and your smile and your big personality.

Jenna Allen said...

Looks like that kid knows exactly what part of the birthday cake he likes...:)

Stefanie Hyer said...

Happy Birthday Perri Damian (?)!!! Hope you are counting lots of cookies! ;)
Did you know that we have the exact same high chair I think!?
I was thinking about your table... that is one amazing table... who made it anyways? Cuz I think I should have gotton that one! It has been through so much and still works great! And you can do so much on it! Easy clean up toO!
I love how Eric is helping him to push the pedals. Preston just barely started to figure it out, and I spent lots and lots of times doing that too!