July 23, 2013

Surprise Visit

The kids and I had just finished
swimming at the Y
when I got a text message from my parents.
I glanced at the picture
but figured I'd look closer and respond to it later on.
We took our time getting ready
and made our way home.
I started making lunch for everyone
when my dad called.
I thought it was an odd call
and he said he'd call me back.
So I got curious and looked closer
at his text message.

"wish you were here" it said.
Say what?!
That is right in front of my house.
Yes, my parents had completely surprised me
and come to celebrate my birthday a little early.
What a wonderful surprise for all of us!

While they were here . . .

we went to Ballard Locks

on lots of bike rides

to the park and the beach

dressed up like Minnie Mouse

and went to a town festival

How glad we all were
to spend time with them,
and to eat Grandpa's fruit slushies.
Eric and I also really appreciated
a date night out
while they were here.

Thanks for coming--It was a great surprise!