July 17, 2013

So I Turned 29

And as I lay in my bed that night
thinking about my day,
a day
different from all birthdays.
a day
that left me breathing in and out
exhausted, yet content.
a day
to be grateful for my sweet husband
who painted baseboards all afternoon
because he knew how much I wanted
all the house painting done
(only two rooms left!).
a day
to spend hours at the autism clinic
with one of ours
and receive an official autism diagnosis.
a day
to serve cake
made by my boys.
a day
to suddenly open our house
for a few nights
to a sweet 6-year old, B.
a day
riding bikes
with my boys
through our neighborhood.
a day
sweet friends and family
and called and messaged.
a day
to be a little older
and happy
for all the great fun and good things
in my 29 years.