July 9, 2013

L's 2

We love this two year old with all our hearts.
I almost wrote she was my favorite 2 year old,
but for almost two more months
I get two 2 year olds in my family!
And they are both my favorites.

To celebrate her day,
we met up with some friends
at Remlinger Farms.

Not only did we have fun on all the rides,
but we even got our picture
with Captain Johnathan Hillstrand
from "The Deadliest Catch".

All four of our kids loved riding the rides.
Waiting to get on was sometimes hard
and maybe getting off was a little difficult too
for someone in particular,
but it was a great day and a great trial run
for sometime in the future
when we go to Disneyland
(we love Disneyland and it is not an option
not to go on a family vacation there
at some point).

Caught him in the act of pick-pocketing Dad in search of keys, of course

We ended the day
back home
with cake and ice cream and presents.

Happy 2nd birthday to Macie, too! So fun that these cousins get to share a birthday.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!
We are so very glad that you  have joined our family.