July 31, 2013

Boys and a Box

We know
what to do
with the boxes from Costco.

I know these guys wish our stairs were a little bit longer though.

July 30, 2013

Snuggles 2

Little ones may snuggle with dad
like this
But older boys have a different way to snuggle

July 26, 2013

He Threw it Out the Window, the Window

Mr. D man
is teaching me
more and more
about myself,
patience, love,
child development and delays,
service, sacrifice.
And I love him for that.
I couldn't ask for a better teacher
than this cute, sweet smiling boy.
Oh, does he stretch me to my limits!
But the rewards of being his mom,
found in small, simple moments,
strengthen my tired body and mind
(though a long nap couldn't hurt either)
and make me so glad he is here
and we are learning together.

And I learned yet another lesson today:
Keep the Windows Rolled Up.

Driving home down the highway,
D became upset
(due to a water bottle and chewing paper incident,
if it must be documented).
He proceeded to use
that "really awesome"
high pitched scream
he discovered over the weekend.
My head does not share any pleasure from this new skill.
In an attempt to calm him down,
I thought rolling down the window might distract him for a moment.
And within 2 seconds he had his shoe off and out the window.
L was very concerned about the loss of his shoe.
She likes shoes and his was a good one and easy for her to slip on.
Luckily, the shoe landed on the side of the road
and I was able to find a place to turn around
and go back to get it.
The boys and I ended up having a good laugh about the incident.
Though, I learned my lesson
about car windows, upset boys, and shoes.

However, now that I really think about it,
he stopped screaming after he threw that shoe out
so maybe there is something to say
about shoe-throwing as a calming strategy . . .

July 24, 2013

Soccer Camp

I debated a little at the end of the school year about what classes and programs and teams to sign the boys up for. I looked into swim team, gymnastics, art, etc. But I'm so, so glad that I kept our summer obligations minimal. And I'm glad that the one thing we signed up for turned out to be really wonderful. These two boys loved the UK Elite soccer camp!! And I loved hearing their coaches accents. :)

I loved getting the player evaluation at the end of the week. Kyler was praised for his soccer skills and his confidence on and off the field, and was encouraged to focus the entire practice. Kacin was praised for his great improvement over the week and for his great endurance ("a bundle of energy from start to finish"), and his coach noticed how he always had his hand up first.


July 23, 2013

Surprise Visit

The kids and I had just finished
swimming at the Y
when I got a text message from my parents.
I glanced at the picture
but figured I'd look closer and respond to it later on.
We took our time getting ready
and made our way home.
I started making lunch for everyone
when my dad called.
I thought it was an odd call
and he said he'd call me back.
So I got curious and looked closer
at his text message.

"wish you were here" it said.
Say what?!
That is right in front of my house.
Yes, my parents had completely surprised me
and come to celebrate my birthday a little early.
What a wonderful surprise for all of us!

While they were here . . .

we went to Ballard Locks

on lots of bike rides

to the park and the beach

dressed up like Minnie Mouse

and went to a town festival

How glad we all were
to spend time with them,
and to eat Grandpa's fruit slushies.
Eric and I also really appreciated
a date night out
while they were here.

Thanks for coming--It was a great surprise!