June 27, 2013

The Beginning of Summer

We had a fun afternoon with some dear friends.

They moved away from our area awhile back,
and after we had our Summer Solstice BBQ
(in which Eric smoked some succulent pulled pork and kids ran all around the yard and everyone played and talked until the sun set on the longest day of the year and the mosquitoes came out and bit me 16 times on my feet and caused me to itch to high heavens all weekend, but yet I did not get one single picture of the event, of course.)
Yes, the day after that bbq
we decided to make the long drive
(more than an hour equals long)
to see Christy and her family and her beautiful new house. 

The kids had such fun in the sprinklers.

And then I realized one of mine just might be growing up.
He opted not to change into his swimsuit and run around the yard
but to sit back in a chair
near the grown ups instead.
And I noticed he isn't as little as he once was.

Summer officially begins!