June 19, 2013

Summer Home School

We call it Home School around here.

It is our summer plans/schedules/goals. It changes each year depending on life. I wrote about the last few years here and here.

And I love it and I get so excited revealing our plan to our boys. Maybe I jump around and smile like a madman when I tell them all about it. I'm sure they think I am crazy, but I love making schedules and I love teaching my boys and I love using all of my school stuff. I love the summer.

This year, each week we are working for some Friday Fun. We brainstormed a short list of fun things the boys would like (out to the movies, go to the skate park, new art supplies, etc.)  and they earn something from the list by getting 20 checks on their list for the week.

This week Friday Fun is a new Xbox game. (Eric brought it home from work for free. Holla!). My boys are super motivated to play Minecraft on Friday.

He really is motivated. He just hates that I take pictures of him. So he hides.

The areas to earn checks:
-Morning Work: getting ready for the day, piano, house help chore, etc. done by 9:15 am (ish). You only qualify for Friday Fun if you get at least 4 days.

-Reading for 30 min.: must read at least four days

The other stuff can be done whenever they want throughout the week. It is suggested to do 2 or 3 each day. At least one from each area must be done to get Friday Fun.

-Rocket Math or Spelling: Kacin's working on math facts and Kyler on his spelling this summer

-Book Work: choose two pages from the workbook we used last summer or from cursive practice pages

-Science Book: I kept my science book from when I was home taught in third grade. I loved this book. So the boys get to pick a section to read and then we talk about it and answer the questions at the end of each section. There are even some experiments I am sure we will do.

-Book Talk: I made a list of good books for my boys to read and started putting them on hold at the library. If they read one of the books from the list and we discuss it together they get a check.

-Movie Talk: Same as the Book Talk, I'm gathering good movies to watch and then talk about.

(I think I will try and post my book and movie list sometime)

-Project: choose a project to work on. Some things the boys have mentioned doing are a poster of the solar system, make an origami book, make a notebook of important people, research computers, technology, Microsoft, or Bill Gates, or complete an art project The rules are to tell me your project beforehand and then you may get a check when you finish it or if you spend more than a half hour working hard on it.

-Exercise: 30 min. of running, swimming, yoga, exercise video, pushups, situps, stretching, jump rope etc.  

I think that just about explains our entire Home School plan for this summer. It will be flexible, because we also have plenty of outings and activities planned and friends to play with that may interrupt our schedule, but something is better than nothing to prevent summer mush brains.

Here we go, summer!
Jen said...

See!! You are my idol with summer school. I didn't even know you wrote this when I called you. You should start a business providing guidance to people like me that want to do something at home but have no idea what to do!!! I will be your first customer.