June 4, 2013

Ruff Ruff! That's Our Happy Dog Barking

My first
"Mom, can I have a dog?" letter.

And I'm certain it ranks way up there
in the top ask for a dog letters of all time.
That attention grabber is stellar.
And a promise of my protection, too.

"Dear Mom,
Ruff, ruff! That's our happy dog barking. Can we have a dog? It will teach me to be responsible. I'll save up the money to feed it. I promise I will not let it hurt you. It will sure be nice to have a dog. Pleeeese!

Your son,
Kacin Allen Allred

PS. It does not have to be a big dog." 

I love the kid 
all the more 
for his letter,
but will he love me for my response?
Elaine said...

My kids and hubby all beg me daily for a dog. And so far they still love me when I answer no. But I love the note. That must be hard to resist. And I remember when we cut our hair in high school! One of many fun senior memories.