June 16, 2013

Baba Father

We learned today in Primary Singing time that Baba is a name for father in another language.

Baba is also what D calls his sippy cup or a bottle.

Here is Baba drinking from a baba,
no hands allowed.

We went to a couples baby shower dinner to celebrate the mother, and the father, and their first baby. I love the enthusiasm and excitement our friend has to be becoming a dad because yes, fatherhood and motherhood are just the best. He didn't want to miss out on the fun so there was a lovely dinner with baby games and presents to honor them both.

Like most (well, probably all) of the guys there, this was Eric's first baby shower, and he got second place in the Daddy competitions, just so you know.

Sometimes I think there is more hype about how important motherhood is (because it is pretty darn important), but fatherhood can not be underestimated.

Lucky for me, I have two amazing men in my life who I respect and honor as fathers--my dad and my husband. This much I know about fathers because of them both.

A father knows how to use humor and fun to keep peace in the home.
Fathers are generous and self-less and always serving.
Children love and respect their fathers and want to make them proud and happy.
A Father teaches effectively and leads with love and by example.

Fathers are the heroes.

A very Happy Father's Day!