June 14, 2013

a week in June

On Monday,
I was delighted that Eric worked from home so that during nap time I could run to the grocery store, a court hearing, and to buy end of the year teacher gifts. And FHE included a game of darts on the Xbox, which included tears and kids yelling out of frustration because those dang darts wouldn't go where they were supposed to.

Saturday's outing

On Tuesday,
I rejoiced because it did not rain on our Teddy Bear Picnic for the last day of preschool. I loved this group of kids.

fun kids! just missing one who was on vacation, and those that moved this year

On Wednesday,
I celebrated by reading ALL the day long, in between being needed by kids, and neglected any to do list because it was my first day of summer and a girl needs one day to celebrate those things and what better way to do that than with a good book.

On Thursday,
I triumphed because for the first time in months and months I made it to the gym to exercise. Swimming felt so good. I have to say though, it was a miracle I still fit into my swimsuit.

My cute girl on Sunday before church

On Friday,
I enjoyed Jello. Really now, who has cravings for Jello? It's a strange, strange thing, but this week, I did. So I gave in and made orange Jello with whipped cream on top.

Could it be? Just one more day of school--hooray!