May 7, 2013

The Airplane

Well, it could've been worse.
I guess.
No one yelled at us at least.
Not even the lady in front of us
when D realized the tray tables go up and down.
And up and down.
And up and down.
I tried to distract him,
but I gave up and decided
him shaking her seat
was a whole heap better
than screaming, flailing D.

Kyler and Kacin are pros at traveling.
We used a Christmas giftcard to B&N
and they each picked out a new book just for the plane.
And Kyler found one of our old walkmans
and brought that along to listen to tunes.
Ahh, cassette tapes.

If I were to name
the two best things we brought on the plane
to help with the littlest ones
it would be
silly putty and jelly beans.
I do not suggest bringing a broken dvd player
because that was no good.
Check those dvd players first.
Lesson learned.