May 23, 2013

Nap Time

D's nap time routine has recently developed into this:
I move all diapers, wipes, diaper genie, etc.
out of the room
and move his bed up against the closet doors.
He lays in bed with his blanket
while I sit on the floor next to him
and read him a book
(even if it's one of those he's chewed on
and ripped half of the pages out of).
When I finish,
He looks at me with eyes wide
and signs "more" with his hands.
"More book? " I ask.
He smiles and smiles.
I pull out another book
and when I get to "The End"
he asks again, "more?"
After this third book,
I tell him "all done'' with my words and hands
give him kisses and hugs,
check the room one more time for books or things
we want to preserve
and I tell him goodbye
as I slip out the door.
Within a few minutes,
I can hear
the little guy up and having the time of his life
dumping and moving and playing.
And eventually he drifts off
and I find him and his room
like this.

Barb said...

what a good attitude you have! He. Is. Precious!