May 29, 2013

Camping at Ensign Ranch, Part 1

We headed to Ensign Ranch 
for Memorial Day weekend
with seven other families.

And this is how D was dressed.
Even camping, he has got style.

Some of us worked hard to get the tent set up.

While some of us played hard.

Must. have. hammock. while. camping.


Kacin assured me many times
that this horse
he got to ride
is the best horse ever.
His name was Banner.

We tried to get D up on the horse.
He wasn't having that.
So instead he pet the horse
from the safety of dad's arms.

This boy mounted his horse with ease and confidence.

And got scolded by the worker
when he showed too much confidence.
My little daredevil, Ky.

That's better.

L REALLY wanted on that horse.
She's a few months shy of getting a turn.