May 30, 2013

Camping at Ensign Ranch, Part 2

Camping is a whole lot of work.
Packing up the food, bedding, clothes,
We don't do it enough to be super organized
and I am not a fan of coming home
with mountains of laundry,
like Kacin's socks caked in dirt,
and stuff.
Even though Disneyland is more of
my type of vacation
(or anyplace when I do not have to cook or clean),
there was so much for us to do with
canoeing, horses, and playing
we couldn't help but have a great time.
Maybe I was exhausted by the end,
but it was good fun
and we proved to ourselves
that we can do it.
Who knows, maybe this will be the summer
in which we spend many nights
sleeping in the great outdoors. 

May 29, 2013

Camping at Ensign Ranch, Part 1

We headed to Ensign Ranch 
for Memorial Day weekend
with seven other families.

And this is how D was dressed.
Even camping, he has got style.

Some of us worked hard to get the tent set up.

While some of us played hard.

Must. have. hammock. while. camping.


Kacin assured me many times
that this horse
he got to ride
is the best horse ever.
His name was Banner.

We tried to get D up on the horse.
He wasn't having that.
So instead he pet the horse
from the safety of dad's arms.

This boy mounted his horse with ease and confidence.

And got scolded by the worker
when he showed too much confidence.
My little daredevil, Ky.

That's better.

L REALLY wanted on that horse.
She's a few months shy of getting a turn.

May 25, 2013

Backyard Chickens

I know the rest of my family wants a dog
or rabbits or some other animal,
but I think chickens are the perfect kind of pet.

They live outside.
Not too noisy.
They don't mind too much when the boys pick them up.
They take care of most of our scraps of leftover food.
Kids love to feed them bread.
We don't have to worry about them in the winter.
If we let them out, they eat all the bugs up.
Their droppings are good for our garden.
And they give us eggs each day.