April 26, 2013

Visiting Grandma Mary

I adore this woman.
Grandma Mary
makes me happy to be an Allred.

She is sweet, strong, and spunky.
Her life has been so full of adventures
and overcoming trials.
There needs to be a book about her life.
Years ago
I got to sit in a car with her, 
as we drove to Eagar or Thatcher or somewhere,
and ask her questions.
She told me all about her growing up in Texas,
going to boarding school,
meeting the love of her life,
raising kids with little income,
running a Taco Bell
and more.
Oh, I wish I had written those things down.

She is a woman 
I am glad to know.

And I'm glad I married her favorite. :)
(No matter that she tells all her grand kids that!)