April 30, 2013

Perfect Moments

I came into D's room one morning
And found all three boys
happy as could be
laying on his bed.
They were all calm.
They were all smiling and talking.
I ran to grab my phone
to take a picture
of this perfect moment.

Yeah, "perfect" moments pass really quickly.

Instead I got a perfectly real picture
of two big brothers
showing patience and love
and one little boy
enough to cry when he saw me come in and leave again.
That is a "perfect" moment
in its own way.
A louder moment,
but just as good
if I squint my eyes
and look at it in the right way.

How I look at it
makes all the difference.
Jenna Allen said...

Like. :)

The Kovar Family said...

Ah. I know those moments. Both kinds. Appreciate how hard it can be to look at things in the positive ways too.