April 7, 2013

Jelly Beans

When I walked down the Easter aisle at the grocery store
and saw all the different brands and flavors
of Jelly Beans,
I knew what had to be done.
Jelly Bean party!!
Whoot whoot!
So on a Monday night,
the Jelly Beans all came out
to be sampled, compared, and enjoyed.

We started with a mini-egg hunt.
The boys hid a few eggs around the living room
for everyone to find.
It was the jelly bean appetizer
before the feast,
each egg held just a few jelly beans.

After Kacin's family home evening lesson,
we gathered around eight different kinds of jelly beans
trying them all
and voting on our favorites.

The jelly bean bowls were numbered
so then we had to use this list 
to try and identify each type of jelly bean.

The kids also played quite a few rounds
of "Don't Eat the Bunny"
(don't eat Pete, Easter style)
with Jelly Beans.
It was also great to break out
the Jelly Bean machine
that Grandpa Neff made.
I love this thing.
One always sat on the table
at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We put this fun little machine
to good use at our Jelly Bean party.

Our Jelly Bean tasting results you ask?
It was concluded,
by the three families gathered here,
that Sweetarts and Nerds are the best Jelly Beans out there.