April 11, 2013

Easter Pageant

I grew up in a house
not too far
from the Mesa Arizona temple.
I always knew when
Easter was around the corner
because the Angels would start to sing me to sleep
each night.
If our house was quiet enough
we could hear the practices and performances
from the Easter Pageant.
Oh how I loved to hear that music
softly surrounding me.
I attended the Pageant 
at least once or twice
each year
while I was in Jr. High and High School.
I went with friends, family, or my church group.
In order to get a spot,
I always preferred throwing a blanket down in the grass,
you have to get there early.
And playing games, eating food, talking, 
and walking around the temple grounds
while you wait was half of the fun.
I was so thrilled 
when I realized we would be in AZ 
in time to catch the Easter Pageant.
Thrilled, I tell you.

While logistically things didn't go quite as planned,
we ended up leaving the littles with my mom
and arriving only a short time before the Pageant,
thank goodness for Natalie and Cheston 
who saved us an awesome spot
at least Kacin and I still got in a few games of Uno.
But I may be a little upset at that boy.
When asked who was the prettiest 
of the three sisters gathered here
(missed you Stef!)
He said Jacqui.
No hesitation.
Punk kid. 

Can you be old and still be an angel dancer?
Because I've always, always wanted to be one,
and who knows when I'll ever have the chance--
it may not be until I'm an old retired snowbird.
It will be my life's biggest regret 
if I can not be an Easter Pageant angel dancer.
one day.
I think I would look good up there.
Well, I would until I trip and fall,
but a girl's gotta dream
and at least try.
Someday . . .