April 18, 2013

Desert Hike

We really wanted to go on a hike 
while we were in Arizona. 
We hadn't been hiking 
since the littles came to stay 
months ago. 
And now I know
There is a reason for that.

I was a bit disappointed
when I was outnumbered
and we ended up at a trail near Jac's house
and not on one of my beloved AZ mountains.

I do not even want to imagine
what our day would've been like 
if we had tried a mountain trail.
because after this little hike that we did,
my arms were tired from carrying a 36 pound child,
E was tired of being head-butted or kicked 
when we wrestled a child into the carrier,
and have I mentioned 
that my little family 
is not used to the desert heat anymore?

So this close, short, flat hike was a good one for us.
It was beautiful!
We managed to keep everyone away from the cactus
and enjoyed seeing some birds, too.