April 10, 2013

Arizona and Back

It was hard being in Arizona last week
because the whole time my heart ached to just stay,
to just buy a house and stay.
The family, food, open skies, outdoor pools,
and close proximity to any and all stores
I may ever wish to go into
were all calling to me.

I keep reminding myself
of all the bad things about Arizona--
like sweating buckets as you walk out to your car in July,
black bees,
burning yourself on the playground slides,
the lack of green trees and nice grass,
disgusting, dirty water out of the faucet.

Arizona will always be home.

But I happened to convince myself enough
and I did return back to Washington.
As soon as our plane landed,
I got all excited to see the green and the water
and to drive by downtown Seattle
and lay down in my own bed with my own pillow.
And I know this is home, too.

Two homes for me.