April 30, 2013

Perfect Moments

I came into D's room one morning
And found all three boys
happy as could be
laying on his bed.
They were all calm.
They were all smiling and talking.
I ran to grab my phone
to take a picture
of this perfect moment.

Yeah, "perfect" moments pass really quickly.

Instead I got a perfectly real picture
of two big brothers
showing patience and love
and one little boy
enough to cry when he saw me come in and leave again.
That is a "perfect" moment
in its own way.
A louder moment,
but just as good
if I squint my eyes
and look at it in the right way.

How I look at it
makes all the difference.

April 29, 2013

Beginnings of a Gymnast

She wasn't so sure at first . . .

But L warmed up 
to the gym.

And then there's little
Macie Mac
already a star gymnast.
It's in her blood I think.

Thank you, Kyler
for being the photographer.
I love that now I can be in the moment
and still have memories captured
when he takes the camera.

April 27, 2013

Cute Date

I got to go on a date last night.

How lucky I am to get to step out 
with this handsome guy!

Through a reading program at his school,
Ky had earned a free dessert at Applebee's.
We started to walk there,
but then I decided to take a look at the coupon.
"Free Dessert with an Adult Entree"
We had already had dinner
and with only 45 min. to get back
so Kacin and Daddy could go out,
we had to abandon the idea.
When I explained this to Kyler
he said
"Ohhhhhh, I thought it said with adult entry ".
Those tricky french words.  

We got frozen yogurt instead.

Love this boy.

April 26, 2013

Visiting Grandma Mary

I adore this woman.
Grandma Mary
makes me happy to be an Allred.

She is sweet, strong, and spunky.
Her life has been so full of adventures
and overcoming trials.
There needs to be a book about her life.
Years ago
I got to sit in a car with her, 
as we drove to Eagar or Thatcher or somewhere,
and ask her questions.
She told me all about her growing up in Texas,
going to boarding school,
meeting the love of her life,
raising kids with little income,
running a Taco Bell
and more.
Oh, I wish I had written those things down.

She is a woman 
I am glad to know.

And I'm glad I married her favorite. :)
(No matter that she tells all her grand kids that!) 

April 25, 2013

Visiting Grandpa Allen

Photography by Kyler

I love being in the presence of this man.

My grandpa, Alvin Allen.
And I love the picture 
of beautiful Grandma 
sitting in the background.

On this particular day,
the day before we returned home,
I got to sit at his feet
and hear the story
about when he was four years old or so
and found a stash of candy in someones barn,
a lot of candy.
He ate it all,
and what do you know,
he got so sick from that.

Grandpa always has a story.
93 years of them!
What a memory he has.

He is also good about remembering YOU.
He listens
and asks you questions
which makes you feel cared about.
And he always has treats to share.

I'm so glad
for moments
to spend
with Grandpa.

April 24, 2013

Dance Central

Check out these moves.
Dance, dance, baby!

April 22, 2013

Things They Hold On To

D holds on to
This boy LOVES his keys now.
He has his own set for playing,
but even when he manages to get his hands on my keys,
I don't worry too much because 
he has such a tight grasp on those things.

L holds on to
Necklaces and her backpack.
First thing,
nearly every morning since our trip,
she asks for her necklace.
And, currently, the backpack is
a beloved item, too.

And I hold on to them
as long as I get to.

April 19, 2013

Anxiously Awaiting Summer

I looked at the calendar today
and realized
The end of the school year is fast approaching!
I love this time of year.
I am anxious for the summer
yet still enjoying the schedule the school year brings.

Ok, but
really right now I am just excited for the summer.
I get my kids back!
They will be mine all day, every day
for two and a half whole months.
We will play and we will work
and we will drive each other crazy.
I can't wait.
I am making plans,
one of my favorite things to do, you know.
Summer schedules are just too fun to create.
Each year, as my kids change and grow,
our home school plans and summer goals shift.
The boys are already talking about a topic
they each want to study and research this summer.
I am putting together a book list
of good, quality books to read.
And I think I might just hunt down
some good classic movies, too.
They will love me for that.
There are "field trips" to decide on,
and, though they might boo me for this one,
math fact and handwriting practice to be gathered.
Less than two months until the summer!
And then there will be time for much more of this.
Without the jackets and coats though.

The Twin Cousins

We just had to make them all
matchy, matchy one day.
Had to.

L was not a fan when Macie climbed in on her nap

But they loved playing together.