March 6, 2013

Wrestling, and then I started rambling

I'm making dinner.
L is at my feet.
Eric's watching D.
D has some cars.
Kyler has a book.
Kacin is wandering.

And then 
the next thing I know
it's a dog pile of a wrestling match.
L and I are content 
just watching those boys go at it.

You see the white smudges on the couch?
We found corresponding white smudges on Kyler's pants.
Like he sat in mashed potatoes or something.

We are going on a trip in a matter of weeks.
I am anxious for the sun!
Eric and I planned out the trip one night
while everyone was asleep.
We were sitting at the Dr.'s office yesterday
(more ear infections for the Kacin man! Seriously?!)
and we pulled out a piece of paper to play hangman.
I went first
and the phrase I picked was
"We are going to Arizona."
When the boys finally figured it out,
(they were just one away from hanging,
and if they didn't solve it
I tell you
I thought I just might have to return their plane tickets)
they jumped all around that little Dr.'s office.
And then we talked all trip
for the rest of our long Dr.'s wait.
The boys and I like making plans to travel.

Preschool registration for next year
is just about complete.
I love teaching out of my home.
I am so lucky that it all works out.

I was summoned for jury duty
but darn it all
I can't do it.
I've always wanted to,
but I guess I have to wait
until I am old
and my kids are grown.

I am sitting here at my computer desk
and man it is dusty.
Someone really should clean this desk
and those shelves every once in awhile.

I cooked a full meal
for the first time in weeks.
Like, I didn't even use a pre-packaged
heat and serve thing
and we did not eat out.
It feels so good to finally be on the upswing
of this sickness.
And now I think I will start appreciating
and everything else that comes with being healthy.