March 8, 2013

Razzle Dazzle Reader

Kyler was recently
the Razzle Dazzle Reader in his class.
I love watching him work so hard on a project,
and doing it
with next to nil
help from his parents.
He is a capable, hard working, creative individual.
He got to bring in a poster with 5 different paragraphs about himself
and a summary of the book he would read out loud to the class.
He also brought in 3 show and tell items.

Highlights from his project:
1. His favorite vacation was when we went to disneyworld. Yes!
2. When he grows up, he wants to do the same job Eric does.
3. If he could travel anywhere it would be to Boston to visit our friends, the Stocks.
4. He loves his Star Wars origami and playing the wii.

Love me my Kyler!
chelsea :: stock said...

we are not forgotten!!!!! come visit Ky!