March 4, 2013

Kacin's Cupcakes

I hope
he remembers
how he was inspired to bake cupcakes
because when we were sick
we laid on that couch
and watched an entire season of
DC Cupcakes together
how excited and careful he was
as he decorated each cupcake
with a swirl
how scrumptious they turned out
how everyone wants him to bake again
that I snapped at him at least ten times
during the baking process
when he was short on listening skills
and I was short on patience
that we were interrupted
a million more times
between my coughing fits
and D and L tantrums
I hope 
he remembers
that despite all my shortcomings
as a mother
he is loved
and one talented boy.
Andrea said...

I"m sure he'll remember the good!!! I love that he was inspired to bake cupcakes! thats so sweet, and also a good skill for him to pick up!