March 10, 2013

Friday with the Sun

What a happy day.
When the sun comes out
and shines its glorious rays through my windows
I smile more
and even laundry becomes a pleasant task.
And to make the day even better
Eric worked from home.
So then I got to see this,
how every dad should get to work
every once in awhile.

When my boys came home,
They bounced with friends
from bikes to basketball to trampoline
All afternoon.

To end the day,
The boys and I went to a solo piano recital
for another student of their piano teacher.
What beautiful music came from that grand piano and that 15 year old girl!
It made my heart happy to sit there
with my boys.
Afterwards they told me they liked it.
Well, and that they really liked the cookies.
I do hope they liked the music more than the cookies though.
But, if nothing else, maybe now they are inspired
to stick with piano
so we can serve yummy cookies
at their solo piano recitals some day.
Holly Decker said...

your kids are SO lucky to have you. i love you, laura. you are amazing. xo

Jenna Allen said...

Agreed with Holly.